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Kontiki 2015 Winners!

  • March 24, 2015 2:53 pm
Kontiki 2015 Winners

Another wonderful Kontiki and this time we all but cleaned up!  1st Cotswold rocks! Winning Spirit, STA (Spare Time Activities) and the coveted “King of the River“! Well done to the other teams and the organizers – it was great.  Thank you. More pictures here

Mc Clelland camping competition 2012

  • October 22, 2012 9:38 am

Mc Clellands was held on the last weekend of school holidays on 6th & 7th of October 2012 at the Maranatha grounds, near the airport, in PE.

It was a beautiful, luscious grassy area where we finally arrived & pitched our tents that Saturday morning.

It was a wonderful open place to do the camp & the weather played along as well, up to a point.

It was a weekend filled with fun & laughter with some learning thrown in, along the way.

We were originally going to team up with West End Scout Group but they had some unforeseen problems & had to pull out at the last minute.

Bev & Dave got in touch with the “Powers that be” & arranged that we still enter a team as we had one scout from 1st Walmer join us, Daniel, bringing our numbers up to 5 which meant we could enter a team for this camp.

The following scout groups entered, namely:
1st Walmer scout group Placed 1st overall

Sunridge scout group Second place

St Columbus scout group Third place

1st Cotswold scout group Fourth place

As listed above this is the order that the prizes were given out for the camping competition, but we @ 1st Cotswold scout group took home the cooking trophy. Well done guys & Daniel.

Well done to ALL the teams that took part & look out – next year we are moving up the ranks, with the help of all @ 1st Cotswold.

Thanks to the judges for always being there to taste the food, judge the tents & for keeping us on our toes.

We were also told that there were certain areas where we must improve if we are going to take part in any more camping competitions, like how to build the latrines properly, but that is for another time.

A quick not e of thanks, to all our parents, who supported us & cheered us on when we got the cooking trophy. Thanks for believing in us & always being there for us, no matter what.

Well done to us all @ 1st Cotswold. You are all winners in my eyes.

Done by Samantha Kelly, Kudu Patrol

50th Birthday Celebrations

  • October 17, 2012 1:13 pm


We were told that this year our Scout Group would be celebrating 50 years of being in existence. WOW – what a milestone to have achieved!

There was a lot that needed to be done so we ALL got stuck in & helped where we could. Scouts, cubs & parents alike.

First there were meetings held by the committee/parents & then the newsletters started coming out which was our first clue of the magnitude of the event being planned.

It was exciting waiting for the newsletters to be handed out on Friday nights to see what was going to happen & how we scouts could help.

I was more fortunate than the other scouts, I think, but with hind sight maybe not as my workload was more, not that I am complaining as I enjoyed helping my mom get certain things done.

Bev posted the official 50th invitation on Face book as well as on Scout book/page for the other guests to read about & respond to. I did not want Bev’s job of keeping track of who said they were attending & who had paid, etc but it was a success in the end.

My mom wanted a “Traditional birthday invitation” made, to be handed out to various dignitaries & when I saw her attempt, good as it was, I knew I could improve on it. Lucky for me, my mother believes in me & my computer abilities, & I designed the ultimate 50th birthday invitation. This was a challenge as all the necessary info about the celebrations had to be included on the invitation & copies made. Geraldine got silver envelopes donated & the “Completed” invitation was amazing.

Invitations were given to Scotty & Peter, from La Farge, our main sponsor for the event.

I felt so proud when I saw the end product & knew that I had had a small hand in the design of the invitations. I also distributed invitations around our neighborhood.

I also helped my mom with the hall decorations – the black & white crinkle paper curtain on the one entrance to the hall – something I had not done for ages. No, not helping my mom, but actually making crinkle paper decorations. Silly!!

I asked my mom if I could also bake a cake for the 50th & mom said yes, so off we went looking for suitable cake decorations.

The 50th birthday cake was a vanilla sponge decorated with a black icing with white “50th” piped on & edible glitter for the extra BLING as well as silver balls to celebrate our 50th. . The other parents also brought cake, whether bought or homemade – it was appreciated & enjoyed by all.


Samantha Kelly, Kudu Patrol.

JOTI 2011

  • November 17, 2011 2:15 pm


15 – 16 October 2011

These two events are now in the Scouting book of Memories (if there is one).

We spoke to scouts all over the world via the internet and walkie- talkies.

We camped out at Highbrae, Lady Slipper.

Cotswold scouts arrived shortly after 9 o’clock and started to unpack tents and equipment from the cars.

Shortly after three o’clock two Walmer scouts arrived, Dean and Corrie, and they were followed by a St Columbus scout – Amber.

We all helped pitch their tents, unpacked & caught up on our scouting gossip. The potjie (supper) was in the pot, bubbling away and we were all sitting on benches and camper chairs around the fire. I was busy on the laptop “cyber chatting” to more than one thousand scouts worldwide.

Aqua had left and Stewart had brought a new friend, Byron. It was really nice to meet him. We played some cricket and someone wacked the ball so hard that the cricket bat broke. Sorry Mike!

Did I mention earlier that we went hiking up the mountain… What a climb that was. When we reached the top, we sat and observed our surroundings, spoke about random stuff and waited for Sakhi and Rhana to arrive. We were quizzed on our promise, law and surroundings. FAIL!!!

Later that day… more like the evening

Stalking … we were divided into two groups and the objective of this game was not to get caught.

Sarki was observing the stars on his phone and Jupiter! Amber and I (Sam) were so surprised when we saw it was that. WOW!

Everyone is in the kitchen now, either doing JOTI or on their phones “mxiting”. We connected Sakhi’s cellphone (wirelessly) to his laptop to enable JOTI, for Nathan.

Hot chocolate and biscuits were awesome, thanks to Raksha for providing them and myself for making it – hot chocolate, that is. Her rule was if you had not eaten potjie, you didn’t get any biscuits (LAUGHS!!!)

Eleven o’clock = lights out for Amber and myself, but we stayed up till one o’clock, chatting.

By now, 07:45, everyone was awake, except for Dean.

Breakfast was at nine o’clock and it was bacon, eggs and toast. Yummy!

We washed dishes, dismantled the visitors’ tents and said goodbye to Dean, Corrie and Amber.

Chicken parade, tents were taken down, bathrooms were cleaned and the kitchen was left spotless.

I enjoyed the camp, JOTI AND JOTA and I would just like to say thanks to the organizers, Sarki and Raksha and also thanks to Rhana & Akela.

This report was done by Samantha Kelly, Kudu Patrol.

Amatola Hike October 2011

  • November 17, 2011 2:09 pm

Amatola Hike

22 – 23 October 2011

Rucksacks are packed the night before, up early just so we are at Raksha’s house on time.

05:30 – everyone is at Raksha’s (Bev’s) house sitting on the couches, sipping warm coffee waiting for Rhana (Trevor) to arrive.

06:00 – rucksacks are jammed into the boot. Engines started & we off we go …!!

What was happening in the back seat?

I am being shoved around, poked and not sleeping. (Not yet anyway)

07:30 – I decided to sprawl across the back seat and sleep.

Whoa, wait, rewind.

Before this we stopped at an Engen service station for a pit stop and snacks and then we hit the road again.

The music is pumping and I am fast asleep. Had the strangest dream ever.  I was woken up by Brandon, pat, pat.

Guess where I woke up? Rhino (Lunga’s) house. Just after I woke up I got a strange phone call.

We had to back track to some service station, Sasol or Engen, whichever one, to meet up with the Bhisho Scouts. (SCREAMS)

“Phumla” I shouted!!! It was so nice to see her!!!. Big hugs.  It took us about 45 minutes, give or take, to reach the hiking range.

Rhino, in a Toyota Camry, Phumla in a Tazz, and some other scouts in an Atos.

Cotswold Scouts are in an Aveo – all riding up the dusty hills.

Bhisho’s temperature is hot!!

Oh no!! Lunga’s  car won’t start and we’re going up a hill.

We pushed his car several times and eventually got it up the hill.

Several minutes later, everyone met at the foresters/rangers station. Snacked on some food and got ready to hike.

Graydon got us lost. So we sat and waited.

“Samantha!!!” Graydon called.

Now I am heading up another path, trying to find the correct foot prints.

I was on the right track!

I hiked down and waited for Sahki, Rhana, Brandon, Phumla and the others.

The wind blowing on us was refreshingly cool.

Alright, stop one.

We decided every half hour we would stop and take a minute break. We did so until I decided to carry on with Sethu, a Bhisho scout. (Amazing guy to hike with.)

After an hour of non-stop hiking we decided to take a break.

Graydon and his group have caught up with us.

We are sitting by one of the water falls, dipping our faces in the water, admiring the beauty around us and breathing in the fresh air.

We saw rock goats and ticks, bees and frogs. Lots of figs and blueberries, too.

Baboons were up in the trees and a butterfly resting on a rock.

16:00 – Lunch time.

We sat down and had lunch for 12 minutes.

Graydon and Sethu hiked up to see where the hut was … and it was a mere 300 metres away.

“YES” destination dance for Graydon!

We’ve made it.

Packs off, comfy shoes on and off we go to help the others.

Everyone is at the hut, which is more like a bungalo or a 5 star bush hut.

Beds, a donkey to heat water, running water no less, a washing line.

So much more, even bathrooms and SHOWERS!!!!!!

It was overcast and unfortunately no stars visible that night.

20:02 – the food is hot and ready to eat.

23:00 Graydon and myself are still wide awake, chatting the night away.

Brandon has passed out (Sweet dreams to him).

Uncle Dave and Brandon were up at 02:00 on Sunday morning to look at Orion’s belt and six shooting stars, which shot off the horizon.

“Wake up sleeping beauty” is the awakening I got from Graydon.

Besides the rustling noise of him packing, I woke up with a dry mouth which meant I couldn’t speak until I had a sip of water. Most refreshing!!

Everyone is awake now.

Bhisho scouts are swimming down by the river and we are having coffee.

08:45 or there abouts. We start to clean, chicken parade and sweeping through.

09:00 – photographs were taken and we packed our bags and left.

We reached “home” round about 12:00ish (Rangers station) and changed into clean clothes, more photos were taken and we said our goodbyes and headed back to Port Elizabeth

Thank you Sarki, Rhana, Rhino and Raksha.

This report was done by Samantha Kelly, Kudu Patrol.

Animal Welfare trip

  • November 6, 2011 10:07 am

A Scout’s duty is to be useful and to help others.

A Scout is a friend to animals.

Outing to Animal Welfare, November 2011

Outing to Animal Welfare, November 2011. Ross, Graydon, Nathan,and Sam posing for the camera.

Given the Scout laws above, one can easily see that a trip to walk the dogs and give a helping hand at the Animal Welfare fits right into Scouting!

This trip, organised by Sam, was the first of many such projects.

Everyone met at Sam’s house at 9.30 and were taken out to the Animal Welfare by Ross’s mom.

“Aunty Sue”, one of the volunteers at Animal Welfare, spoke to the group about the types of dogs and how (and which) dogs they could walk.


Unfortunatly the kittens were off bounds – much to Graydon’s dismay.

The morning was spent playing with the dogs and walking some of the dogs – no running!  cats have right of way!

12.30 saw Raksha driving in to collect the motly bunch.  As you can see from the photo – they had fun and all survived!

1st Cotswold are investing again…

  • November 6, 2011 9:44 am

…in something far more valuable than shares or property!  We are investing in the youth!

New chums at 1st Cotswold

Gino and Nathan were invested 4th November 2011

The 1st Cotswold Scout Group would like to welcome two new recruits who were invested on the Friday evening of 4th November 2011.  One brand new cub Gino and an equaly squeaky new scout Nathan.

You might recognise Nathan from the Joti camp post. Ifyou don’t recognise him its ok – he is the dude on the hilltop looking down at the laptop.  If you do recognise him then wow – well done!

It is always exciting to invest new scouts, but what is really getting us going here at 1st Cotswold is that these two guys are starting a trend!  We invest Ross and Leanne next week and we are looking forward to that almost as much as they are!

Ross and Leanne had to leave the hall during Nathan’s investiture ceremony so that they do not spoil their surprisefor next week.  The first investiture ceremony you ever attend must be your own – it’s simply that special!

If you know anyone who wants to join scouts, please let either them know how to contact us, or give us their contact details and we will follow up with them.

Scouting is a world-wide brotherhood (and sisterhood), so if you know someone who might want to join Scouts but is too far from 1st Cotswold – let us know and we will get them in contact with a scout group near them!


Amatola Hike October 2011

  • November 5, 2011 2:22 pm
1st Cotswold Scouts

1st Cotswold Scouts

Finaly the weekend of the 15th and 16th October 2011 came.  We knew it would and boy was it worth the wait!

We had a date with the Scouts from Community Church in Bisho and we were doing the Amatola hike – well a small part of it anyway.  Excitement mounted as the bags got packed in Rana’s car’s boot (I refrained from saying Rana’s boot!).  Frightfuly early for some, but we were on the road to Bisho just before 6am.

The trip to King Williams Town/Bisho seemed to take forever, but we made it – almost all of us awake!

After some miscommunication we caught up with Rhino and his scouts and set off to the start of our hike – the Cata forest station.

Car team-building

Car team building

This proved a little tricky with a bit of car trouble along the way.  What a great way to make new friends – pushing a car up a gravel road together 🙂

There was a problem with Rhino’s car and the steeper hills, so a plan was needed.  Push the car, pull the trailer, and someone keep a rock ready to avoid the car rolling back when the team got tyred (sorry tired).

The irony really is with the trailer – yes there are rucsacs in the trailer!

The delay cost us quite a bit of time, but the Kata loop is not a long walk (4.6Km first day) so we were not to worried.  The country side was stunning and the company was great too!  In spite of the hardships, we had plenty of smiling and whistling and that is really what it is all about.

A little later we reached the forest station and were able to get the scouts onto the trail.  For many a first time hike there was a lot to learn, a lot to talk about and many new friendships to explore.  A little pep talk from Sarki and off we go…

We past several waterfalls and hiked through forest, up the hillside, passing a cave along the way.  The death toll was zero!  It was amazing – although a couple of moms had a hard time indeed!  As if by design, the last tiny bit included a stiff climb and you only get to see the (ever-around-the-next-corner) hut when you are just about in it!

Amatola day 4

The view of day 4 from the overnight hut

We were doing the CATA Loop which is (basically) a loop of the full trail’s day 3.  When we arived at the hut (located within inches of death’s door for some moms!), we settled in for the late afternoon/evening.  Rana sprouted forth about the many times he has done the trail (the entire 106Km route) and proudly pointed out the day 4 start from the hut.

For us, we would not be doing that.  We were going to circle back to the CATA forest hut, basically following jeep tracks and forestry roads.

While we had been hiking, Rhino had called his wife, who had come to his aid and helped him (and his car) home.  Those of you who know Rhino (Lunga) will know that it does not end here!  No, not Rhino!

Rhino returns, in his Audi station wagon – to the hut!  I kid you not!  He followed the roard and jeep track right to the back gate of the overnight hut.  He took the moms (who were more than a little grateful Rhino can drive lilke he does) home for a good nights sleep.

It is amazing how quickly one gets sleepy when there is no TV, lights, and music.  Perhaps it is all the fresh air, or perhaps the excercise.  Everyone seemed to settle in rather quickly after a good hearty supper!

The girl's patrol

The girl's patrol

To the left is the girl’s patrol in the lapa – they had an awesome time!  Below to the right is a view of the hut.

The overnight hut at Cata

The overnight hut at Cata









The water tanks were leaking, but otherwise it was great!  We even had hot showers thanks to Rana and the donkey – but that is another story altogether.

We were here!

We were here!

An early morning start (LOL ok, before 9am anyway) we headed off – after cleaning up and taking the official “We were here” photo.

What do you really need?

What do you really need?

A lot was learned about what you need to take on a hike and I recon many blankets, pillows and suitcases have started and ended their hiking careers on this hike.

I think it is the fact that everyone really gets sleepy, but it is amazing how you don’t need a lot of the bedding you think you do!  Even the girls recon they can do without the added little creature-comforts when you have to carry them yourself.

Many thanks to Rhino and the Com church scouts for an awesome weekend!

Another big thankyou to Rana for taking us in his fancy new car!  What a lot of people don’t realise about doing the driving for a hike (or any other event of this nature) is that Rana has to get up first and gets hiome last.  Thank you Rana!

The trip back from Bisho was not really as quiet as Rana and Sarki had hoped for.  Sam was awake and talking – ok, not all the way home – it just seemed that way 🙂

However, Sam did manage to put Brandon to sleep, and for a small fee I’ll show you the photographic proof!

We are all looking forward to doing the full 6 day (106Km) trail sometime very soon!


JOTI 2011

  • October 28, 2011 6:54 am

JOTI Camp 2011

This is the report back from the JOTI camp held at Highbrae on 15/16 October 2011.

The Joti camp was attended by Sam, Graydon, and Nathan.
We were visited by Kath (Aqua), Stuart and his friend Byron who did not stay over,
Dean and Corrie from Walmer, Amber from St Columba, Dassie and Dean (Sunridge) who just popped in to discuss PLTU for half an hour.
Trevor (Rana), Belinda (Akela), AJ and Bianca,Dave (Sarki), Bev(Raksha) and Mike.
We made contact with Scouts in the following countries:
England, Sweden, Turkey, Australia, Brazil, Finland, Venezeula, Scotland, New Zealand,Egypt,Spain, Italy,Costa Rica, Holland, Denmark,Phillipeans,Indonesia, Germany,Netherlands,Wales,Pakistan,Norway,Mexico,Croatia,USA, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa – naturally.  We all had a lot of fun!

Sarki: I think it is safe to say JOTI was a great success!

Very early Saturday morning saw some very heavily laiden cars – packed with Scouts, tents, laptops, and food set off for a weekend camp. Not just any camp – a worldwide jamboree no less!

We camped at Highbrae, near Ladies Slipper, and spent a lot of time online talking to Scouts and Guides from around the world.

In true Jamboree style we had visitors: Dassie and Dean from Sunridge, Dean, Corrie, and Aqua from 1st Walmer, Amber from St Columbia. Oh, Stuart and Byron also popped in to see what was going on.

We set up base camp at Highbrae, but a few brave souls (writer included) took to the mountains – laptop in tow – to reach the world below.

Read what those who attended JOTI had to say and view some of the photos on facebook